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Press Contacts

Wendy Goldsmith (English)
(+1) 519-281-3978
Irene Macinnes (English)
(+1) 778-870-2448
David Heap (français; español; English)
(+1) 519-859-3579


Donations and mail

Canadian Boat to Gaza
PO Box 1950, London Stn. B
London, Ontario N6A 5J4

Make your cheque or money order payable to: 
Aide Humanitaire Île de la Tortue, 
or: Turtle Island Humanitarian Aid.*


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Canadian Boat to Gaza
Freedom Flotilla Coalition

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* Turtle Island Humanitarian Aid / Aide Humanitaire Île de la Tortue is a non-profit
organization registered in the province of Québec, for the purpose of collecting 
funds for causes like the Canadian Boat to Gaza, Gaza's Ark, and other Freedom
Flotilla Coalition projects.

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