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Statements of Support for the Women’s Boat to Gaza

Dimitri Lascaris is a lawyer and Justice Critic of the Green Party of Canada. He speaks here in a personal capacity and not as a representative of any political party. 
Dimitri also presented a resolution which was adopted by the Green party of Canada convention on August 7, 2016: Palestinian Self-Determination and the Movement for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions 
Following the adoption of this resolution, Independent Jewish Voices Canada issued this statement: IJV Congratulates The Green Party Of Canada On The Passage Of Its Historic Palestinian Rights Resolutions


Libby Davies is a retired Canadian MP. In 2009, in the aftermath of Operation Cast Lead, she travelled to Palestine, co-authoring a report on both Gaza and the West Bank.

Women’s Boat to Gaza buys 1st boat & sets departure

Amal-Hope to sail from Barcelona on September 14
for immediate release                                          donate now

The Women's Boat to Gaza, a project of the Freedom Flotilla Coalition, has acquired its first vessel. Amal-Hope will set sail from Barcelona on September 14, carrying women who plan to challenge the illegal blockade of Gaza.

picture of US boat to Gaza, 2011, Greece

In Barcelona, members of the community who support our mission will welcome the Amal-Hope. In 1998, Barcelona was 'twinned' with Gaza, with the goal of fostering international support. In 2005, the Barcelona Peace Park was inaugurated in Gaza but destroyed by the Israeli military in 2009. The park was rebuilt in 2010. As her name suggests, Amal-Hope will send a message of hope that the Peace Park and the whole of Gaza must never be bombed again.

Schedule of Events in Barcelona:
Monday 12 September – Music and festival at the port
Tuesday 13 September – Non-violent resistance workshops, local speakers and a tour of the boats
Wednesday 14 September – Local ceremony and departure

The Women's Boat to Gaza, with prominent women on board including Mairead Macguire, Naomi Wallace, Marama Davidson and Gerd von der Lippe, will visit ports in the Western Mediterranean before reaching the shores of Gaza on 1 October. 

Women’s Boat to Gaza initiative:
The Women’s Boat to Gaza is a Freedom Flotilla Coalition initiative. By launching a women’s flotilla, women from all over the world aim to highlight the undeniable contributions and indomitable spirit of Palestinian women who have been central within the Palestinian struggle in Gaza, the West Bank, inside the Green Line and in the diaspora.

Gaza has been under Israeli blockade for the past decade, during which time Israel has also launched countless attacks against the besieged population, turning their life into a nightmare and a continuous struggle. Through Freedom Flotillas and other maritime missions, we have brought international attention to their suffering and their resistance.

The Women’s Boat to Gaza seeks not only to challenge the Israeli blockade, but to also show solidarity and bring a message of hope to the Palestinian people. With the support of women, men, non-governmental organizations, civil society groups and from women’s collectives and events around the world, we will make this happen.

The Freedom Flotilla Coalition is composed of civil society organizations and initiatives from many countries. We have been challenging the illegal and inhumane Israeli blockade of Gaza for years and are committed to continue the struggle until the blockade is unconditionally lifted and the Palestinian people everywhere regain their full rights.

You can support the Women's Boat to Gaza by donating online:

Those who can benefit from a U.S. tax receipt can contribute online at

To find and support other campaigns that are part of the Freedom Flotilla Coalition, please see:

Other ways to get involved:
Follow us at and and
Twitter @GazaFFlotilla  @CanadaBoatGaza

Thank you for your support. Together we can end the blockade of Gaza!

In Solidarity 
the Canadian Boat to Gaza team


Invitation to Journalists: Sail aboard the Women’s Boat to Gaza

Photo by: Joran Fagerlund

Dear journalists:

The women's Boat to Gaza (WBG) is a Freedom Flotilla Coalition (FFC) initiative that will sail this September to challenge the Israeli blockade of Gaza.  For more info about WBG please visit: and see our latest press statement (, released after our meeting with and receiving support from many Members of European Parliament in Brussels last month.

The Women's Boat to Gaza is an all-women mission where the boats will have only women on board: the crew, activists and prominent people sailing in support of the Palestinians of Gaza, as well as the journalists covering the voyage.

On board there will be a Nobel Laureate, Members of Parliament from different countries, Members of European Parliament, other eminent women and activists from over a dozen countries. This is an opportunity to share the stories and wisdom of Palestinian women in Gaza and the women of the world who support them. We aim not only to break the physical barriers of the blockade, but also to break the media silence and help the voices of Palestinian women in Gaza be heard.  

We are inviting interested women journalists (visual, audio, written) from various media organizations worldwide to join the mission. If you are interested please send your CV to, specifying what support you can count on from your media organization, if any. If you have any questions or would like more information, please do not hesitate to contact us at the same address.

Please note that space is limited so you are urged to contact us without delay if you are interested.  Deadline to receive applications is July 30, 2016.

WBG Steering Committee

Launching Women’s Boat to Gaza campaign (+ français, العربية)‎

[*Le texte français suit le texte anglais**البيان بالعربية في الاسفل*]
  WBG logo

Messina, Sicily, Italy
March 8, 2016: For Immediate Release

The Freedom Flotilla Coalition* (FFC) has chosen March 8th, which marks International Women's Day (IWD), to announce the launch of their Women's Boat to Gaza (WBG) project.

The Women's Boat to Gaza will set sail mid-September of this year and plans to dock at a number of Mediterranean ports along its route and arrive Gaza on October the 1st.

The FFC's fourth mission (FF4) will be sailed by an all women crew and will carry aboard, notable women from all over the world in order to highlight the undeniable contributions which have been made by Palestinian women to the resistance movement. Palestinian women have been central to the struggle in Gaza, the West Bank, inside the Green Line and in the diaspora. 

"One of our goals is to highlight this struggle and the devastating effects it has had on women, often left alone, sifting through rubble to take care of their families when their husbands are imprisoned or murdered" said Wendy Goldsmith, of the Canadian Boat to Gaza campaign. "On International Women's Day, and on every day, we stand with these brave and resilient women, and will send the Women's Boat to Gaza to let them know they are not alone and to end the illegal blockade of Gaza."


WBG is endorsed by renowned women's organizations from all over the world, among them: The Women's Affairs Center (Gaza), The Coalition of Women for Peace (Israel), Forum de Politica Feminista (Spain), Women's Front (Norway), Coordinadora de Solidaridad Palestina (Mexico), CODEPINK Women for Peace (US) and the Fédération des femmes du Québec (Canada).

The FFC is also pleased to announce the launch of the WBG website.  Please visit: for more details and to follow the progress of WBG / FF4.

For more information:
Laura Arau  +34 (6) 36 00 36 01
Wendy Goldsmith +1 (519) 281-3978

* Freedom Flotilla Coalition campaigns participating in the WBG are:
Canadian Boat to Gaza
Freedom Flotilla Italy
International Committee for Breaking the Siege of Gaza
IHH – Turkey
Palestine Solidarity Alliance-South Africa
Rumbo a Gaza-Spain
Ship to Gaza Norway
Ship to Gaza Sweden

* other WBG international partners:
Kia Ora Gaza – New Zealand
Miles of Smiles
US Boat to Gaza


Le Bateau des femmes pour Gaza lèvera l’ancre en septembre 2016
Les femmes québécoises et palestiniennes demandent la fin du blocus et l’occupation

Montréal, le 7 mars 2016 – Des organisations québécoises et canadiennes se joignent à une coalition internationale pour mettre en œuvre le Bateau des femmes pour Gaza, dans l’objectif de mettre fin au blocus de la Bande de Gaza. Par l’organisation d’événements et fort.e.s du soutien de femmes, d’hommes, d’ONG, de groupes de la société civile et d’associations de femmes à travers le monde, le Bateau lèvera l’ancre en septembre 2016.

Le Bateau des femmes pour Gaza, ce sont des femmes du monde entier qui tiennent à rendre visible l’esprit de résistance indomptable des femmes palestiniennes, à leur manifester leur solidarité, à leur faire parvenir un message d’espoir jusque derrière les murs de leur prison à Gaza.

Le blocus doit être levé, mais même levé, Gaza continuera d’être un territoire occupé par Israël. En solidarité avec l’ensemble du peuple palestinien, il nous faut continuer la lutte pour  que les Palestiniennes et les Palestiniens, où qu’ils soient, recouvrent la totalité de leurs droits. Les groupes québécois exigent donc la fin de l’occupation, de la colonisation, le démantèlement du mur, le respect du droit de retour des réfugié.e.s (résolution 194 de l’ONU) et la reconnaissance du droit des arabo-palestiniens d’Israël à une égalité totale. 

À Gaza, les conditions de vie sont déplorables depuis l’imposition du blocus en 2007 et cela affecte en particulier les femmes : sans liberté, sans paix et sans ressources essentielles pour assurer une vie digne, Israël contrôlant tout. L’insécurité alimentaire y est de modérée à grave. Les multiples agressions militaires y ont détruit toutes les infrastructures essentielles à une vie en société : maisons, hôpitaux et cliniques, centrales électriques, usines de filtration d’eau, écoles et universités, entreprises, commerces, etc.  

La vie des de Gaza est un enfer et un combat permanent, et pourtant, les femmes continuent de porter leur famille à bout de bras et refusent de disparaître. Ellesinspirent espoir, force et détermination devant les innombrables injustices. Agir à leurs côtés est une question de dignité pour toutes et tous. 


Contact: Mme Lorraine Guay <>  sera disponible pour répondre aux demandes d’entrevue des journalistes.


ميسينا ، إيطاليا٨ آذار ٢٠١٦ 
للنشر الفوري 
اختار تحالف اسطول الحرية تاريخ ٨ آذار ، الذي يصادف اليوم العالمي للمرأة ، للإعلان عن إطلاق مشروع 'قارب النساء الى غزة'.   
و سوف يبحر 'قارب النساء الى غزة ' منتصف شهر أيلول من هذا العام . و سوف يقوم القارب بالتوقف في عدة موانئ بحرية في البحر الأبيض المتوسط في طريقه الى غزة ، على ان يصل هناك يوم ١ من تشرين الاول . 
يقود مهمة اسطول الحرية الرابعة طاقم نسائي ، و سوف يكون على متن القارب نساء بارزات من مختلف أنحاء العالم بهدف تسليط الضوء على المساهمات المركزية للمرأة الفلسطينية في مقاومة الاحتلال ، في غزة والضفة الغربية، داخل الخط الأخضر و في الشتات.
ويحضى 'قارب النساء الى غزة ' لتأييد مجموعة من المنظمات النسائية الرائدة في مختلف أنحاء العالم ، من بينهم : مركز شؤون المرأة (غزة)، تحالف النساء للسلام (اسرائيل )، منتدى دي بوليتيكا فمينيستا (اسبانيا)، الجبهة النسائية (النرويج)، تنسيقية التضامن مع فلسطين (المكسيك)، كودبينك نساء من اجل السلام ( الولايات المتحدة الامريكية) و اتحاد الكيبيك للنساء (كندا) .
ويسرنا الإعلان عن إطلاق موقع الواب لمشروع 'قارب النساء الى غزة: 
للمزيد من المعلومات الاتصال ب: 

العربية:  دنيا حمو
+519 878 2843
Dunia Hamou
لورا آراو 
+34 (6) 36 00 36 01




:ويندي غولدسميث 
+ 519 281 3978
*يتكون تحالف اسطول الحرية من : 
– القارب الكندي الى غزة 
-اسطول الحرية إيطاليا 
-اللجنة الدولية لكسر حصار غزة
– IHH تركيا 
-تحالف التضامن مع فلسطين،  جنوب افريقيا 
-الطريق الى غزة، اسبانيا 
-السفينة الى غزة ، نرويج 
-السفينة الى غزة، السويد 
*الشركاء الدوليون الآخرون: 
– كيا اورا غزة ، نيوزيلندا 
-أميال من الابتسامات 
-قارب الولايات المتحدة الى غزة